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Your Retail Center

Enticing EV customers to shop at your retail center not only supports sustainability efforts but adds value to your center and its tenants.

EV charging stations for your retail center

EV Benefits for Retail Centers

Attract and delight customers by making it easy for shoppers to charge their EVs at your retail center.

Attract customers to your retail center with EV charging stations

Just Like Food

Why do retail centers add food venues?  Because customers cannot always eat at home.  The same principle holds true for EV drivers.  They simply cannot always charge at home.  Adding charging capability to your retail center supports EV drivers who seek out ways to refuel their vehicles in everyday life.  Put your retail center on EV maps and attract EV drivers to your retail center for their everyday shopping.

Delight customers with EV charging stations at your retail center

A Better Shopping Experience

The benefits of EV charging at your center go beyond just attracting EV drivers.  Charging cars takes time.  Typically, it takes a few hours to charge a 1/4 "tank". Imagine your car is empty and you have 2 hours to pick up groceries and charge your car before picking the kids up from school.  What do you do?  Make it easy on your customer and let them charge and shop at the same time.

Increase your revenue with EV charging stations

Three Levers?

Attracting more customers and having them shop for longer periods have always been two levers for increasing sales at your retail center.  But now you can add a third lever by sharing in the income created while refueling customer vehicles.  You now have an option to monetize your parking lot in a way that truly delights and benefits a customer.

Our Solution

Simple to manage, adaptable to the best hardware offerings, and designed to delight your customers

Simple easy to use software to manage your EV charging stations

Simple Management Portal

Our cloud based management system gives your staff a simple and intuitive platform built by landlords for landlords.  Control access and pricing of your amenity for your center or an entire portfolio of properties.

Adaptable Infrastructure

Built around the industry standard charging protocol, our solution works with any compliant charging hardware.  This gives you flexibility and choices to ensure your solution remains competitive over time.  And your staff doesn't  have to change systems when you add chargers or upgrade your hardware units. 

Customer Satisfaction

Our solution requires no app download by your customers.  Simply scan and charge.  Plus added features for customer convenience including saving favorite charging locations for quick access, scheduled reservations, saved payment methods, and history.

Get Started with Charge OnSite

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