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The New Hospitality
Must-Have Amenity

Enhance your guest experience with convenient EV charging and attract more travelers in the rapidly growing population of EV drivers.

Add EV charging stations to your hotel property

The EV Driving Guest

The way we travel is EVolving. Charge OnSite can help you prepare for and profit from this new wave of transportation technology.

Attract rapidly growing number of hotel guests looking for EV charging stations
Promote sustainability at your hotel with EV charging stations

Attract EV Driving Guests

With EV adoption on the rise more drivers are beginning to value convenient charging access. Make your guests feel at home and become their go-to choice with a seamless charging solution that rivals their home charging experience. 

The Green Approach

Sustainability goals can be difficult to meet and even harder to market to customers. Providing EV charging at your properties is a simple and highly visible way to step into a greener tomorrow. 

Create new revenue for your property with EV charging stations

Easily Monetize & Manage

Charge OnSite enables a uniquely flexible approach to monetization of EV charging equipment. Our highly adaptable platform enables seamless management of your EV charging assets, recovery of the capital to install, and a new ongoing revenue stream. 

Our Solution

More guests, more sustainable, more value

Simple easy to use software to manage your EV charging stations

More Guests

Providing EV charging at your property will attract more EV driving guests and enhance their experience at you property. With our simple No-Download-Necessary experience your guests will have more time to enjoy their stay.

More Sustainable

Providing EV charging will help you or your organization meet sustainability targets and continue to cultivate a green image of your brand in the eyes of your guests and the communities you call home. Charge OnSite's usage statistics can help you track and demonstrate the progress of your green investments.

More Value

Charge OnSite's unique approach to access control and monetization enables  your property to configure each individual charger separately to maximize the return on your investment. Offer exclusive charging access for frequent guests and rewards members or open up some of your chargers for public use. 

Get Started with Charge OnSite

EV charging stations for your hotel guests
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