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The New Must Have 
Office Amenity

Equip your property with EV chargers today to help your high end corporate tenants attract and keep top talent while working toward their sustainability goals. 

Add EV charging station as an amenity for your office building

Elevate Your Office Space

The best employers provide their employees with the best amenities. Charge OnSite makes EV charging easy for owners, employers, and employees.

EV charging stations differentiate your office building from competitors

Stand out from the crowd

As electric vehicle adoption accelerates the availability of EV charging  at work is becoming an increasingly valuable and sought after amenity in the workplace.

EV charging stations delight your office building tenants and employees

A Dynamic System 

The Charge OnSite platform empowers a variety of EV charging strategies. Provide a free and easy to use charging solution to your employees during business hours and then enable paid or free public charger access on nights and weekends

Adding EV charging stations to your office is an easy sustainability step that you can take

Sustainable and Robust

Check EV charging off your company's sustainability to-do list with a platform that grows with your needs. Charge OnSite's OCPP compliant approach to EV charging ensures that the system you establish today will work with technology of the future. 

Our Solution

Simple and efficient to use, built for the future of innovation, inherently sustainable

Simple easy to use software to manage your EV charging stations

Simplistic Efficiency

Our intuitive cloud based management system enables easy charger access and fee management. The Charge OnSite solution requires no special app downloads or complicated memberships for EV drivers. 

Designed to Adapt

Built around the industry standard charging protocol, our solution works with any compliant charging hardware. This approach empowers your team with the flexibility to modernize and expand your EV charging capacity as your needs expand and charging technology evolves. 


Accessible EV charging infrastructure can enable corporations to realize their sustainability goals and reduce their carbon footprint in a highly visible and practical manner. 

Get Started with Charge OnSite

EV charging station solution for your office building
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